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5 Creative Wall Decorating Options Under 10k

Wall decorating is a finishing element and it can be the only remaining accessory needed to give your space a wholesome feel. The little extra touch can set the mood and also serve as an additional purpose that you didn’t know you were looking for. Without many struggles, you are can find some unique options for an attractive budget of under Rs. 10,000 and walk away with several distinctive walls decorating pieces instead of just one.

  • Floating shelves

This is the epitome of a multifaceted interior design, not only does it add value visually but it can facilitate many options of storage and decoration. These shelves are an ideal way to stay organized with style, without taking up much space. And with its hidden brackets, it can make your space look seamless and classy. Ranging from Rs. 1,600 – 4,800, you can find varied options of floating shelves of several types of woods, colours, and even with PVC stickers of wood and embossed prints. These water-resistant shelves can be one of the easiest options available with ample room for your creativity.

5 Creative Wall Decorating Options Under 10k
  • Wallpaper

Still yet, if you are feeling bold or the walls look too plain for your liking, then this is the one-stop solution for you. From subtle splashes of colour to elaborate designs, you can choose from assorted rolls of wallpaper to feed your frenzy for audacity! There are several possibilities of accessories that you could skim over to couple with the wallpaper print of your choosing and the store experts can even guide you with finding the most suitable wallpaper based on the space you are working on, be it an office room, a bedroom, a living room or even a baby room.

5 Creative Wall Decorating Options Under 10k
  • CNC Carving

Opt for CNC carving for a customized ‘one of a kind’ design for your wall. A computer-controlled method of cutting connected to a hand held device can shape hard materials such as wood, aluminum, glass, plastics or steel into a design of your whim.

Now, you can fill that hollow wall in your home or office space with a truly unique design of sentimental value for a budget of your comfort.

  • Cladding

If you are willing to take a step further from wallpaper, then cladding is the next option. Outdoor and indoor cladding is a material used to cover an exterior such as a wall and comes in a variety of colours, textures and prints for you to go wild with.

The best thing about the cladding is its natural look vital part in creating a distinctive ambience to a space. One can let their imagination roam in potential creativity for the wall with cladding of many pastels, metallic shades and wood textures to opt from. Especially if you are particular about cleanliness, then this washable material will keep your mind at ease.

  • Vertical Outdoor Gardens

While lighting and cladding can definitely illuminate the outside ambience, the vertical gardens can truly bring in the organic appearance to an outdoor wall. It’s the final touch to the outdoorsy look you were waiting for and its guaranteed easy maintenance.

Except for occasionally dusting it to make it look shiny and natural, you can forgo the hassle of actually tending to a live garden wall made of vines and plants!

Say you looking to redo the look on your wall or start over anew, you are guaranteed to find your fix at The Concept Store. With new designs and wall decorating elements to keep with the changing trends and the moods of many visiting customers, the store always intends to stay updated.

Overall, you are sure to always head back home having purchased the complete look for your wall without much blow to your wallet!

  • Bonus Tip – Lighting

Considered as one of the most ‘wowing’ elements to wall decorating, the options available are simply innumerable. Make it a point to stop by the store to visually get the best idea of how certain lights look like in an ideal setting. With spaces created equipped with a diverse choice of lighting, it can help you choose what you have in mind for under 10k.

From spotlights and track lights to outdoor and indoor wall lamps and even LED strip lights of several creative patterns and colours, it can be the final touch to liven up your special space!

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